1. Remove the locking bar from the front of your pinball machine.
2. Remove the glass; once this has been done, you should be able to easily lift up the playing field, which will allow you to eject all the balls from the playing field.
3. After the balls have been ejected, carefully continue to lift up the playing field until it rests against the backbox.
4. You will see the shooter rod mechanism along the right side of the inside of the body. The mechanism consists of a rubber cap, an e-clip on the shooter rod, washer #1, a spring, and washer #2.
5. Remove all of these items in the order listed above.
6. Once disassembled, the shooter rod you are replacing can be easily slid out from the front of the machine.
7. Insert the new rod from the front, and then replace the mechanism items in the opposite order of when you removed them: washer #2, the spring, washer #1, the e-clip, and the rubber cap, which is the piece that actually hits the ball into the playing field.
8. We do not assume any responsibility for damages that occur during installation of shooter rods. Please contact us for further installation questions.