1. Because of tolerances between playfields and cabinets, the clearances between the playfield and cabinet sides will vary. If you have a cabinet where the playfield always rubs both sides of the cabinet when elevated, then your application is NOT a good candidate for the installation of Pinball Side Mirrors.

2. Beware of the twisted cabinet syndrome. The twist can be caused by improper leveling over time when a game is on location. Improper storage and humidity can also contribute to this problem. This becomes apparent when your playfield rubs the front on one side and the rear on the other side. If you have this syndrome, then your application is NOT a good candidate for the installation of Pinball Side Mirrors. This is a rare problem, but it is something to be aware of when considering side mirrors.

3. It is a good idea to inspect the fit of the playfield to the cabinet sides to determine if you have adequate clearance to install Pinball Side Mirrors.

4. The use of double-sided tape is not recommended for the installation of side mirrors. No matter how thin the tape, you lose clearance twice the thickness of the tape, which increases the possibility of rubbing and scratching after installation. Should you find that Pinball Side Mirrors are not a good fit after using tape for installation, your first thought might be to remove them. Attempted removal may result in damage to the mirrors, your cabinet, or both; in addition, you will have tape residue on both the cabinet sides and on the mirrors themselves.

Should you decide to trade or sell your machine in the future, and the buyer does not want the side mirrors, removal is not a recommended choice because installations using double-sided tape are almost impossible to reverse.

Installations using tape void the return for credit or replacement of Pinball Side Mirrors.

5. Some people advocate the use of self-adhesive thin felt strips applied to the sides of the playfield. This is not recommended. The strips come off when rubbing the Pinball Side Mirrors, spreading the adhesive all over the playfield and the side mirrors, which creates a mess that is difficult for you to clean up.

6. Exercising care when elevating and lowering your playfield is recommended.

7. Follow the simple installation directions that were included in the packaging for your Pinball Side Mirrors, making sure to only use the parts that come with your new side mirrors.

8. We do not assume any responsibility for problems resulting from failure to adhere to the recommended installation procedures.