Wheel of Fortune




1. Installing our Backbox Reflectors is an easy process and can take anywhere from 15-20 minutes. Be sure to allow adequate time for installation to avoid damage to your backbox artwork or your machine.

2. Use the key to unlock the mechanism at the top of the backglass, and then you should be able to easily remove the backglass with the attached artwork.

3. Our Backbox Reflectors are made from a special material that will not break when dropped, but standard backglass is made from breakable glass, so be sure to exercise caution when removing the backglass from your machine.

4. Your old backglass will have trim around the sides and top and a tray across the bottom. This trim and tray will need to be removed in order to access the artwork and install the Backbox Reflector.

Please use extreme care when removing the trim and tray from around the glass. Not only can the glass be dropped, which could cause injury to yourself or those around you, but the artwork can also be easily damaged since there is typically a sticky adhesive attaching the artwork and glass to the trim.

You will need to be VERY CAREFUL in removing the trim and tray so that the artwork is not torn or bent. We do not assume any responsibility for damaged artwork resulting from installation of our Backbox Reflectors.

5. Once the trim has been carefully removed, you should be able to separate the artwork from the old standard glass. Again, go slowly during this part of the process to ensure that your artwork is not damaged.

6. Our Backbox Reflectors have a special coating that makes one side of the reflector duller than the other. This coating is what prevents the glare from occurring as you play your machine. If you hold the Backbox Reflector in a horizontal position and stand underneath a light, you will notice that one side will reflect the light more brightly.

The side that shows the brightest reflection is the side that should be flush against the artwork; the side that shows the duller reflection faces outward towards the player. Incorrect installation will result in the glare still remaining while you play.

7. Once the Backbox Reflector has been placed properly against the artwork, you may decide to use a thin tape to hold the artwork in place. This is not required but is an acceptable option if desired.

8. You can now carefully replace the trim and tray around the sides of the artwork and Backbox Reflector. Then, making sure the keyed mechanism is still unlocked; reinsert the top of the reflector into the groove at the top of the backbox head, allowing the bottom of the reflector to lock nicely into the channel at the bottom of the backbox head.

9. Although Backbox Reflectors can reduce glare on most machines, some limited edition machines may not be compatible with our reflectors. Please contact us for detailed information on whether or not your specific machine is a good candidate for Backbox Reflectors.

10. Installation of LED lighting in the backbox is highly recommended for optimal performance of your new Backbox Reflector and for enhancing your playing experience.